Become a Member

Dairy Institute processor members collectively account for approximately 75% of all fluid milk products, 75% of all cultured and frozen products, and 90% of all hard cheese processed in the state.

Dairy Institute has three classes of members: “Processor”, “Associate” and “Affiliate” members.

Processor Members

“…persons, firms and corporations owning and operating facilities in California for the processing or manufacturing of: fluid milk and cream products; ice cream or other frozen dairy products; cottage cheese; sour cream; yogurt and cultured products; and cheese…”


Associate Members

“…persons, firms and corporations engaged in the business of furnishing to members supplies, services or products, allied with dairy products, other than professional services or dairy products distribution services…”

Affiliate Members

“…persons, firms and corporations whose primary business is with dairy products, but are not eligible for Processor or Associate Membership…”



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