Member Benefits

Dairy Institute represents its member companies on legislative and regulatory issues in California. Our organization’s goal is to support our members as they strive toward achieving innovation and efficiency in their own companies, providing the highest quality products to domestic and international markets.

Member Services

Staff aims to provide our members with the best regulatory and legislative representation available on issues dealing directly with the California dairy industry. Our goal is to improve the business environment for dairy processors located in California, from sourcing of raw product to plant operating costs and product marketing.

Legislative Representation

Dairy Institute sponsors legislation to modernize and improve statutes impacting California dairy processors. We advocate for the legislation positions adopted by Dairy Institute’s Board of Directors on measures affecting all aspects of dairy processing and marketing.

Regulatory Representation

Dairy Institute organizes member companies to develop positions and testimony in preparation for administrative hearings on proposed changes to milk pricing formulas and the milk pooling plan. Dairy Institute also represents membership’s position as a chief witness at these hearings.

Dairy Institute negotiates plant inspection fee structures, nutrition labeling proposals, product compliance testing protocol, and pool reporting and payment issues.

Dairy Institute also represents membership before state agencies charged with regulating air and water quality, solid waste discharge, food safety and biosecurity.

Information and Education

Daily summaries of industry news are provided to members, along with pricing bulletins and forecasts and legislative updates.

Seminars and workshops on topics important to business operations are provided both to individual companies and the general membership.

Industry Liaison

To better serve our members, Dairy Institute maintains communication with state and federal regulators, allied industry associations, dairy producer groups, and farmer cooperative representatives in California and nationwide.

Individual Member Services

Member companies are encouraged to utilize the services of Dairy Institute staff for any regulatory, legislative or business issue that may arise.


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